I recently shared my thoughts with BBP Media about why flexibility is now a must, not an option for productivity and mental health.

With companies adopting new policies and a substantial number of the workforce not wanting to return to working in the office, it seems it will be a while until offices look like they did in 2019. To many people, this is great news, however to others, not having access to an office is a substantial burden and adds difficulties and stresses to other areas of their lives.

Having a lack of personal space, effective equipment, or internet, or having caring duties, are issues predominately felt by some far more than others, and this shows that offices are vital for some people, even if many others enjoy working from home.

In our haste to praise the new conditions, we must not forget those who benefit from or need the office; it provides a vital function in our economy and society. What we need is for businesses, organisations, and companies to cater to everyone – by providing an office space, and the structured flexibility to allow people to use it if they need or want it.

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