Our Deals Team provide clients with specialist expertise and support across a wide range of deals and transactions – whether its a Class 1 deal, IPO (AIM and Main market) or a trade deal, we can provide you the necessary insights to the processes and the hands-on support to deliver the myriad of deal tasks and documentation

Financial transformation

The production of Historic Financial Information (HFI) is complex and time consuming especially in a deal scenario.

Our specialist team have a wide range of experience in supporting clients with GAAP analysis, GAAP conversions, policy alignments and the preparation of HFI and detailed accounting memorandums.

Systems implementations

Working capital modelling is complex but key to any transaction.  There will be a requirement to show the impact on working capital under various scenarios and have this audited.

Our experienced team can build and populate models and that show the impact on working capital, incorporate managements and the reporting accountant’s required flexibility to scenarios and produce base and reasonable worse case scenarios.


Proforma Statement reporting requirements to show the impact of a transaction on the results of the acquirer are complex.

We have a wide range of experience of working with clients and their auditors to ensure the impact of the proposed transaction is fairly and appropriately reflected in the Proforma Statement.


Being ready to operate as a public company (in the case of an IPO) or embed and manage a new acquisition (in the case of a deal) is paramount to the success of the IPO/ deal – the FPPP process is a key workstream which can be demanding and time consuming to deliver and has the potential to de-rail the overall project timeline.

We have extensive experience from performing an initial red-flags risks assessment, through determining suitable remediations plans against risks and implementing those and preparing the formal Board FPPP Risk Assessment Report.

People strategy and coaching

Integrating the new business or acquired entity can often be as complex as the deal itself – management processes, systems, reporting infrastructure and controls all need to be carefully embedded. ¬†Additionally as part of the transaction you may be required to set out in detail management’s post deal integration plans.

We have a wide range of experience of helping clients analyse, determine and document the integration approach and then implementing the changes required.


Case Studies