We are already engaged with major complex companies and leading retailers to help design and deliver their early implementation projects.

Our ‘real-life’ experience, learnings, tools, proven approaches and insights directly benefit your project and help you navigate IFRS 16’s complexity in an efficient and reliable manner.
We know how to design IFRS 16 implementation projects to manage inherent risks without ‘over-engineering’ the process​.  We bring pragmatic and practical proven solutions to how best to implement the new rules.

​We are able to bring to your project our trusted partners in accounting solutions and artificial intelligence to help you through the process.

As leasing specialists advising lessees, lessors, banks and captives, we bring this industry insight to the direct benefit of your project.

Examples of our work include:

  • Leading client's implementation projects

  • Impact assessments of the change to the new rules and the impact of the transition options

  • Lease population identification through questionnaire tools

  • Internal and external data interrogation process to identify leases

  • Theta Accounting Policies, Decisions and Data 'bibles' to quickly Identifying and developing the required new accounting policies and the detailed new data points and disclosures data required (so these can be built into the project deliverables)

  • Vendor solution specification and solution analysis

  • Use of our filtering analysis tools to focus analysis

  • Embedded lease identification and analysis tools

  • Advising on new lease and service arrangement structures