I recently spoke to London Loves Business to share my thoughts on the impact of a buoyant private equity market on the already strong deals market in the UK.

2021 is set to be a record year for M&As and other kinds of deals as a large amount of uncertainty, that lingered from Covid and Brexit, melts away. We have been instructed on a number of deals in the past few weeks and this looks set to carry on for the foreseeable, something that will be a boost to firms and especially those below the Big Four.

This year has really allowed smaller firms to compete in a way that has been difficult in the past. There are no more advantages to a massive office in Canary Wharf when everyone is working from home and now those overheads look like an unnecessary excess for clients comparing their options.

As businesses look to avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest, I can see a big shift towards smaller firms which is really great to see as the UK economy begins to bounce back from the pandemic.

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