Record levels of dealmaking in the UK and seemingly ever increasing private equity activity has hit headlines recently for a number of reasons. I spoke to London Loves business to discuss the state of the market and what could happen in the next few months.

Mid-sized firms have disrupted the sector this year, taking on many large clients, and offering more tailored solutions. As such, this is an opportunity for these firms to further monopolise and aid both buyers and sellers in the private sector to ensure neither party falls flat at a time of rapid deals, and surges in cashflow and financial backing driving deals quicker than ever before.

I can see 2021 being a record year for M&As and other kinds of deals. At Theta Global Advisors, we have been instructed on a number of deals in the past few weeks and this looks set to carry on for the foreseeable, something that will be a boost to firms and especially those below the Big Four.

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