About the project

During this pandemic, millions of Brits are undergoing a seismic shift in the way that they and their companies operate. Working from home, remote working, new technological meeting solutions and more have been under the microscope now for the past eight weeks or so – even following the Government’s recent lock-down update this doesn’t look like it will practically change much in the near future. We are beginning to enter a period of the longer-term ‘new norm’, where companies are now taking-stock of the fundamentals of who they are and what they do – this will impact a review of a wide range of areas such as IT, remote working, software, outsourcing, working patterns, HR issues, cost reduction and management and physical property strategy.

Because of this, we have launched the Coronavirus Productivity Index 2020. It looks at the key issues of flexible working, presenteeism and other issues related to productivity that have come to the fore during this crisis. The research was conducted across 2000 UK adults and is nationally representative, showing the true issues in the workplace related to employee output.

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