People strategy and coachingI was delighted to share my thoughts on what the future holds for the UK deals market with The Fintech Times.

In this piece I discuss how the majority of 2020 was a slow year for the UK’s deals market as the uncertainty brought about by an ever-changing set of rules and demands on businesses and workers, meant that very few firms were willing to take the risk on an acquisition, even in sectors that thrived.

However, now this trend seems to be in reverse. At Theta, we have been instructed on a number of deals in the past few weeks and expect several more in the near future. We are working with contractors and consultants in the space to accommodate this uptick in demand and due to the way in which our firm is structured, we are in a position to grow because of it.

Read the full article here: The Fintech Times – Theta Global Advisors Are the Roaring 20s Coming for the Deals Market